The Death of Gods?

A curious offer...
But who understands all?

A good reason to leave the city

Late in the wet days of the year

A few days ago, a group of intrepid souls gathered at a ragged bar, The Green Shoe. Each of them were directed to Yani who waited until late in the afternoon to address the three that had gathered. Oddly, however, when you addressed them, the barkeep closed the door and the window then lit a green paned lantern.

Yani then offered them each 50 gold to recover something he called the Soul Glass from an ancient Temple in the Shirkodeyi. He offered directions and a final warning to not bring light close to the glass. They are to return it to the barkeep, and he will give them directions from there.

They set off, meeting some difficulties, but nothing overly difficult for a young group of Giroi. They even come across the temple in an unusual manner. It gives them some pause, but nothing keeps them from their goal, and they find, and recover, the soul glass.

THey have left the temple, and made camp a few miles from the ravine that is was in, and will continue back to the Green Shoe.


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