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  • Shirkodeyi

    h1. Shirkodeyi The Shirkodeyi, the Waste, the Creeping Sands, The Magic Death...these are all names of the growing desert beyond the oldest parts of the city. Generations past there was the Strand, an odd wasteland that seemingly changed dimension …

  • Ab'duran

    h1. Ab'duran h3. Oldest, perhaps greatest of the Gorada Ab'duran has been since before written records. It may have been the first permanent settlement by humans. | [[Main Page | Arkiev]] | [[The Gorada | The Gorada]] |

  • The Gorada

    h2. GORADA The Gorada, the Great Cities, are the 4 known major urban centers in the world. [[Ab'duran | Ab'duran]] [[Lovek Gora]] [[Vid'na Mor'a]] | [[Main Page | Arkiev]] |

  • Strand Citadel

    h2. Strand Citadel The Strand Citadel was a place of magical research, located along the [[Zelen Eka | Zelen ]],and it had "outposts" throughout the [[Shirkodeyi | Strand]] to study the variable magic effects as well as the skies, the elements, and, on …

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