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  • Urvwa

    h2. Urvwa The Urvwa dwell deep in the earth, seldom venturing into the open world. The are incredible miners, and some even say they can speak to the rock to find it's richest veins. The are short and powerful creatures, with no true body hair, but …

  • Wudmun

    h2. Wudmun Vudman are slender, short (around 3 1/2') humanoids with large pointed ears, green skin, and very fine hair. Usually their skin can indicate where in the Bolshvynia they are from as it ranges from a very pale green to deep viridian | …

  • Lukrovka

    h2. Lukrovka No one knows when or how the Lukrovka came into being, or if they are a race unto themselves. They are related to Humans, and can breed with them. Some of the offspring of these unions are themselves half bloods, but they are usually …

  • The Peoples

    h2. The Peoples [[Loveka | Humans]] [[Lukrovka | Lukrovka]] [[Urvwa | Urvwa]] [[Wudmun | Wudmun]] | [[Main Page | Arkiev]] |

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