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Ab’duran the Ancient City

Oldest of the gorada

Ab’duran may have been around forever. There are those who claim it was originally built when the Gods walked the earth. Others say it was built as a haven for desert travelers, and grew from there. It is known that in the earliest written records that the City of the Vale is there. But over time, even the temples became old, and man, being the short lived creature that they are, built anew, making some of the grand temples into palaces, or building new buildings deeper into the valley, closer to the cliffs. And this has gone on for maybe a thousand years. As the city had the Boslvynia on one side of the valley, the resource rich Drevniy on the other side and the great Zelen Eka that cut the valley, it continued to grow untill the cliffs halted that progress.

Now, the Shirkodeyi creeps past the Western Gate, and only 1 in 5 trade caravans return from their trips to any of the three other gorada. The Gods seem to have abandon man, but the alchemist, working with the eldest Urvwa have created weapons that cough fire, smoke and lead or steel death. Even the most trustworth of magics is becoming difficult, and it is rumored that it fails completely in the heart of the Shirkodeyi. But, ancient magic items can still be found, and relic of the gods are sought out, attempting to reach the ears of these powerful beings.

Now, the dwellers of the city, ruled by Majistra Solvenia fear the Shirkodeyi, and plots against he and his family are rooted out by his Smoteri. The Urvwa still dwell in darkness, trading the whealth of the world to them. The Wudmun quietly observe, as they have from earliest times, rarely entering Ab’duran, even though it is their word that names it. And the Lukrovka, the Half-bloods, who knows about them…

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